HealthBox is a customized meal program by a nutritionist based on your individual needs.

Kiraphat Chinrungkhakun – IT Senior Executive

I was over weight a year ago. Until I decided to change my behavior and aimed to reduce weight and be healthier. I committed to exercise five days a week. On some days I take 2 classes, so morning and evening classes. For several months, my weights constantly dropped but I wasn’t completely happy with my body yet. Then I was introduced to HealthBox. I decided to give it a try and choose the program that aim to reduce fat and tone up the muscles. HealthBox delivers the meal sets to my office once everyday. Each box contains adequate amount of protein to elevate my protein in takes while also balance out carbohydrates and fat. My first perception for healthy food is that they are normally untasty. But HealthBox totally changed my mind. Every box contains amazing combinations of food and creates excitement for me every time HealthBox delivered the meals to me. Since the meals are delivered everyday, the meals remain fresh and tasty. While I could focus on something else and be certain the amount of food intake is adequate for my lifestyle and meet my goals. As of today, my weight dropped 5 kg. and became toned as expected. I still have some rooms for improvements but HealthBox makes my life easier. A great helper that I would highly recommend for everyone who aimed better health and stay in shape

Izzy Gladstome – Mother of 2 Young Children

As a busy Mum of two little ones, I often struggle to find time to make a healthy lunch. More often than not it's something on toast. With me wanting to shed the last few KG of pregnancy fat, I decided to sign up to HealthBox. My lunches are now delicious, nutritious and so easy! I wish I had done it sooner!

Mark Dobbin ACS – Freelance Director of Photography

With my job, I travel frequently for a long period of time and it's hard to maintain a healthy diet. When I am back in Bangkok, HealthBox helps get me back on track. The delivery service makes it very convenient, not to mention great flavour and the freshness of the food.

Khun Pichitra Niphondkit - Corporate Service Manager

Healthbox food is a feel good food and I like that feeling. It tasted fresh and clean. Frittata was delicious and Okinawa Taco Rice was yum. A little too big portion for me. I felt really full every time I finished the box.

Errol Cooke – Senior Travel Management Executive

HealthBox meals are great! I travel a lot and so when I am in the office I want to eat healthily but it's not always easy. HealthBox has been great as the delicious and healthy lunches are delivered straight to my office. The dinner meals are just as handy when you have late nights in the office. Thankfully the meals are designed to my health requirements by a HealthBox nutritionist.