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9 habits of highly healthy executives

Having a busy job and constant travelling can wreak havoc to your health. Not having enough time is a common concern for most executives when they are trying to improve their health however if you follow these simply habits, calories can be saved and burned without spending hours in the gym! And simply saving 100 calories per day can lead to a weight-loss of 10 pounds in 1 year!

  1. 7 mins is all it takes: Everyone has 7 minutes. That the theory behind the latest fitness app, 7 minute Workout. Its based on the theory that daily, short intense work-outs (tabata style) are more healthy than a few long work outs. Download the app here.
  2. Cut out the crap: The simplest way to stay healthy is to eat healthy but this isn’t always an option if your food choices consist of fried foods and rice. Healthbox offer healthy and delicious meals, delivered straight to your office. They are designed by nurtritionists so you can be sure they are aligned to your health goals. Contact them to find out more.
  3. Ooooohhhhh…..fruity! Get chummy with catering and request that all meeting rooms are supplied with fruit, not cakes and biscuits. A healthy office, is a productive one and research shows that fruit at work, can increase productivity by as much as 10%.
  4. Healthy surroundings: Are your colleagues making you fat? Research supports the idea that obesity is contagious and that other people’s food choices effect your. Encourage your staff to eat healthily too. Chat to healthbox about arranging a corporate discount for your team or office.
  5. Stretch it out: Sore shoulders and back can hinder effective exercise and weight loss so health experts agree that stretching while at your desk is an excellent way of avoiding injuries. Employ the 20:20 rule to your daily work life – every 20 mins stretch for 20 seconds. Here are 7 stretches you can do at your desk right now.
  6. Go big on breakfast: Research shows that those that eat a big protein-rich breakfast are more likely to loose weight. It will fill you up for the day and stop you from reaching for that muffin during your 10am conference call.
  7. Be a Stair Master: One of the easiest way to get a bit of exercise during the day is to always take the stairs not the lift. Ok, this might not be practical if your office is on the 47th floor but why not get out on the 45th and walk the rest?
  8. Go Green: Lattes are probably one of the easiest way to add extra calories to your daily routine. Go green and replace your daily latte with a green tea (no milk!). What is more, research shows that green tea can promote weight loss.
  9. Fit to fly: We all know that travelling and weight loss aren’t best of friends. So start a business trip in a healthy way, by requesting a low-fat meal when you book your next flight. You could save yourself 200-600 calories be eliminating the cheese and creamy pudding!