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Health Tips

Five Healthy Habits During Business Travel

  Have you experienced weight gain or felt your clothes getting that little bit tighter after just a week of business travelling? Do you feel fatigued and tired all the time while on the road? If so, you might want to pay attention to these 5 healthy habits for people who spend time travelling!   The ..

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Latest survey from Thai Public Health Ministry revealed that the average Thais consumed 20 teaspoons of sugar per day (more than 3 times of recommended maximum amont of 6 teaspoons). The sugar that Thais consume came from the beverages such as FRUIT JUICE (250ml gives 6.25 tsp of sugar), COFFEE on the ..

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9 habits of highly healthy executives

Having a busy job and constant travelling can wreak havoc to your health. Not having enough time is a common concern for most executives when they are trying to improve their health however if you follow these simply habits, calories can be saved and burned without spending hours in the gym! And simply ..

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