HealthBox is a customized meal program by a nutritionist based on your individual needs.

HealthBox came about because a group of friends found it very hard to eat healthy food in Bangkok on a regular basis. We were either too busy to spend the time preparing the food or were confused as to which foods and suppliers were in fact healthy. A great deal of our frustration was that we just did not know or have the confidence that what we were eating was indeed good for us or if health claims were true.

The solution was forming HealthBox , which makes eating healthy an enjoyable, easy, affordable, convenient and yummy experience.

We hope you agree.

Our approach

Our approach centers around removing the barriers to maintaining a healthy diet. Two of the biggest barriers is knowledge and certainty. Firstly knowing that there are smarter choices that we can make that has little impact on our enjoyment or routine and then the certainty that what we are eating actually meets that criteria. HealthBox aims to build your knowledge on what types of foods are good for you and enjoyable while giving you complete confidence that what we are giving you is helping you achieve your nutritional goals. We want to develop a community that you can tap into to give you healthy options and whether you want to just slightly improve your diet by changing a few meals a month or completely overhaul your diet, we want to help by providing you with the knowledge and the certainty to do it.

Our people

Pimpawan Saengnark – “Apple” (Pictured) – Managing Director
Apple The Fun Loving Health Freak

“Healthy Food can be tasty, fun and exciting.”

Apple is very passionate about food. She loves eating and cooking fine food. Her passion stems from her family background that has been in the restaurant business for almost 40 years.

With ongoing health complications several years ago, she started to pay more attention to her own nutrition and finally found solutions by changing the way she eats. She has found her own way of making healthy food and yet still tasty and fun at home.

Maintaining good health by eating healthy food takes times and effort. As a working mum, Apple found it hard to keep up with preparing her own meals while working full-time in marketing research field and looking after children. She and her health conscious friend came up with an idea of HealthBox which answers the needs of people who would like to eat well but have very little time to make their own meal healthy, yummy and fun.

Jutakant Chawnamtip (Bam) – Nutrition Manager
Bam The Nutrition Nerd

“It’s a comfort to know that my clients eat a well-balanced diet. One of my greatest joys is to learn that my clients have better health partly through the healthy food that I prepared for them. ”

Bam is a certified nutritionist overseeing the quality control of HealthBox food and making sure that it meets nutritional and food safety standards. She tailors food programs to the various health objectives of each of our customers.

Prior to joining HealthBox, Bam was working as a nutritionist in several health care organizations such as Nonthavej Hospital and Krung Siam St. Carlos Medical Center.

She is very excited to be with HealthBox as she can be part of a team that helps Bangkok people improve their health through better nutrition.